Keanan Duffty shows us how to cook a Vegetarian Carbonara

Brutally Delicious Productions began as a cooking show with the biggest names in metal and punk performing for you in the kitchen, far from the stage and the studio. Their goal was to give the viewer a behind the scenes look at their favorite artists. This eventually led to many other videos that range the gamut from short & funny to full-length documentaries all designed to give the viewer intimate access and footage they won't find anywhere else. From an award winning documentary, "Metal Missionaries" to many other off the wall segments there is truly something here for everyone.
In this video Keanan Duffty, singer of Slinky Vagabond,  is cooking the weirdest Vegetarian Carbonara you have never seen!!
Asparagus, garlic, tagliatelle (fettuccini), paprika (my God!) and yolks....of course!
When Fabio Fabbri , producer and guitarist of Slinky Vagabond, saw the video told: "It's the craziest Carbonara in the world, I have never seen paprika in a Carbonara dish, and I hope I never taste it !!"


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